Pastor Tim Boal | A Lord Amazed By Faith

What we need is faith. That’s what amazes Jesus about this centurion in this passage. Yes, the centurion is a wonderful guy, but what Jesus notices is his faith. Jesus “was amazed”. That’s a stunning statement on at least two levels. First, Jesus recognizes that the quality of this man’s faith is extraordinary. Second, Jesus recognizes that this man’s faith surpasses the faith of all God’s chosen people. This is all the more amazing when you read what Jesus asks about his followers in Luke 18:8: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Faith is a wonderfully miraculous thing. The ability to believe ought not be taken for granted. It’s amazing that anyone believes. And it’s even more amazing that there are unbelievers with greater faith in Jesus than some believers. There are unbelievers who more firmly believe that Jesus is Lord of all than some believers who profess the same.

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